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                                  THREE LITTLE RED BIRDS


Three little red birds sitting in a tree;

one fell out and bumped his knee.

Two little red birds sitting in a tree;

stuck out their toungues and gave a tweet tweet tweet.

"Its not nice to tease and make fun of me,"

said the poor little red bird who fell from the tree.

"You’ll get yours, just wait and see,

something bad will happen to thee."

Just then above, a branch was heard,

It had broke from the wind and hit a little bird.

The sound of the scream scared the other,

and now they were both on the ground with their brother.

“I told you, you should have let me be,”

said the first little red bird that fell from the tree.

“Its not so nice when you’re the one

that other birdies try to make fun of.

So before you go again and make fun of me,

remember it could be you next who falls from the tree.”







Its hard to narrate a story or portray characters in a scene

Sometimes its hard to say exactly what we mean

I surrender without evasion to the leader of the group

The misnaming of myself to be the center dupe

I long to be an equal and do the best I can

In all respect you give much more when given less demand

So now as you ponder my penmanship, remember these words few

In my attempt to relinquish this obstacle, I would not disgrace you.


                                                                       M.M. Williams~








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