M. Marie ~

Art, Heart, Faith, & Fitness




Writing and art have been an interest of mine since I was able to form letters into words, words into sentences, and color inside the lines. It has been the preferred line of communication for me as my thoughts always seemed to flow more naturally from my hand to the paper than they did from my mouth. I was the only child in my home, so being alone gave me lots of time to let my imagination run wild. I would lye across my bed or floor with pencil and paper for hours.  Often, when finished with a final piece, I would run it across my grandmother with a grand performance; standing in the middle of the room and acting out the prose, singing my original works of art, or displaying it on the easel. My grandmother was the best audience ever; always the best critique, - or so I thought, because she loved every piece. She would always give me words of encouragement with unconditional love.

  I am a current student at the Academy of Art University. I have enjoyed learning many new things. I've come to truly admire many artists of today and yesterday. I admire their wonderful eye, and passion, and the talent these artists have shared with the world. Some of my current favorites include the all-time great Charles Schultz, James Gurney, Bob Timberlake, Andrew Wyeth, Phillip Crowe, Kevin Daniel, Gary Patterson, Pollyanna Pickering, Ray Harm, E.H. Shepard, John Sloane, Arnold Lowrey, Ed Hamilton, Denis Zilber, Iwan Darmawan, Glen Keane,  J.K. Rowling, Colin Bradley, Mike Sibley, Steve Hanks, and many many more. 

 If you are just developing an interest in art or writing my advice is... improvement comes with patience, effort, practice, and time. Discouragement is never the answer for anything, but rather faith is what you must always have. In life always try to improve yourself, not prove yourself. 

Blessings to all,

M.M. Williams~