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Posted by mmarieart on September 8, 2013 at 3:40 PM


You get up to do your daily tasks…like every day. Far more important than those that consume my days. The earth turns, and turns over, buds, grows, breaths, feeds on your daily walkings. My piece is dying, lonely, afraid, hurt, wandering aimlessly in the winds of time just wanting to breath, bud, grow, turn over, and become from your daily walkings.

My roots did not have the proper fertilization in the beginning, and now the stem is weak. The inner workings watered just enough to keep me alive, stimulated, barely breathing but still reaching toward the sun wanting it to reach back for me and pull me to it close. My leaves being plucked from me left and right the whole time, stripping me of my green, my life. The tramplings upon me beating me into the ground like some lifeless weed.

Tread lightly. Fertilize what is left. Stimulate me with your conversation so I am not so lonely. Re-plant me where the sun can lift me up. Breath your sweet breath upon my stem to warm my inner workings, and comfort me in your daily walkings. Help me to turn over, bud, grow, …..become.

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