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Posted by mmarieart on May 13, 2013 at 4:00 PM

This is a subject very dear to me. I moved from the sidewalks of Washington DC when very young to a farm in Shelby County KY. It was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. It was love at first step on the place. I was and am a HUGE animal lover. I would wake before school to go watch and try to assist in milking the cows, and throwing feed to the pigs. I would throw leftovers over the fence to the chickens after dinner, loved riding on the back of the mule pulled plow to plant corn, made mud pies that sat in our kitchen window to dry, sitting under the front tree to look for four leaf clovers after a ride on the pony, climbing in the barn, jumping in the hay, learning to ride my bike down the long dirt and gravel lane, and romping barefoot with my samoyed dog who was my great buddy.

When I was a bit older we moved to town where I would still rarely be found indoors. My friends and I would always gather to ride bikes, play marco-polo or softball, space 1999, or sleigh ride down the local school hill. We loved throwing rocks off the old wood train bridge, or finding treasures in the woods or dirt. We also frequented a local small grocers which was one room filled with the smell of fresh cut meats, breads, and cheese, bottled cokes you pulled from the machine and returned for a nickel deposit which you would then buy two cent gum with, or dime suckers from the counter. I can still almost feel my bare feet on that wood floor that had creaks which I loved. The owners new all of us neighborhood children along with our parents. We would buy popscicles from a small freezer up front in the summertime, boxes of cracker jacks in anticipation of the prize, fun dip, and jumbo pixie sticks and sit on the picnic table under the tree by the store laughing till our belly ached or talking about where we would ride to next. 

Now as I see that same small town building up more and more it saddens me. How many liquor stores, pharmacy;s grocery's, shopping centers,and gas stations are really necessary. All those small grocers that I loved are gone...replaced by large franchises. People are so consumed with material things that shopping has become a past time, and family sit down dinners lost. Kids are consumed with electronics versus nature, the mighty dollar seems to have outgrown the feeling of handmades, and genuine love. Animals habitats are being replaced by concrete. Kids are scared of animals or don't know how to react. So many don't have to even think for themselves because the electonics do it all for them. Many don't know how to cook. Quality time with family has been replaced by consumed hours of mindless nonsense that is not important. Farms are being destroyed and animals raised in unhealthy conditions crammed inside dark cages or indoor pens while franchises are filling there pockets and killing our population. People are the unwittingly donig the same thing...cramming themselvs in subdivisions inside their homes with postage stamp yards for their kids and animals to play in while they fill their bodies with unhealthy processed foods.

Our society has got to wake up. We each need to do our part..even starting in small  ways and working our way up...to saving our planet, which also means ourselves. Stop building shopping centers. Stop tearing up our land. Lets save farms and create more farms. Lets save our animals habitats. Lets realize that family, and time spent with them is the most important thing. Let's notice the green grass and trees instead of the almighty dollar. Shop local. Stop GMO's and large franchise, and instead learn a craft, or buy from a local crafter who is trying to raise a family. Lets get back to trade. If you have something you no longer need, pass it on to someone who can use it. Don't take and consume more than you need. Care about education as something you can pay it forward to our world with and not as something to merely make money with (I've met many doctors which at fault with this). We have got to stop being such a vain world, and get back to being caring and real in every sense of the world....enough plastics in more ways than one. This is what prompted my little piece of art I created today.

All rights reserved to M. Marie Williams Illustrations. 

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