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Imagination Station


Twice amoung the tracks of life.

Once waiting for the train, and second run over by it.

Now a third, listening for the call of all aboard.

Will my ticket be taken and my ride sweet?

Or shall I wave to the conductor as he whistles and leaves?



Art, and writing for me are a constant magical journey. It allows the escape of everyday ruts to be left behind, while you are entranced only by the limits you set for yourself. I used to ask "Why must lifes journeys have so many gravel roads with stop signs on every post?" until realizing that when I am creating, I am able to pry those nails out of those signs; to pave the road; to make a dirt road; to make a golden road; to forget the road, and have a field filled with goldenrods and the sweet smell of honeysuckle. Life when creating is truely what you make it.

 I have the most amazing career on earth. I am the master of my own kingdom. Sure there are monsters, goblins, and witches who collect their taxes about me. There are still obstacles that fall from the sky to keep me on my toes that I must dart around or hide in the marsh from; until the moment arises when I jump out with sword in hand to defend the castle and all of its inhabitants. In the end, I can be the hero with smiles of achievement for a happy ending.

In life we have no control of so many events, emotions, actions, and many times feel powerless over what goes on around us which is an unfortunate fact of life. But as a writer/artist, I am the master of my domain. I'm the boss; the most magical genie; the lord and ruler of every character, creature, and event in the world of my creation. It's a pretty awesome feeling, having all that power, and even more awesome to be able to share it with you.


"The Caterpillar and the Chameleon" By: M.M.Williams / Editors Choice Award - Published in a book of Anthologies-The Silence of Yesterday

2 Articles in The Sentinel News / submitted by: M.M.Williams,

Coverage of Antique Auto Show for Advanced Auto with Pictures, and A Promo Story of  Kat Harley, a self taught guitar player with a great voice on her 1st CD.


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"The Wind" By: M. M. Williams / Editors Choice Award - Published in a book of Anthologies- Immortal Verses

"There is no one size fits all" by M.M.Williams on Animals in Print,     http://www.animalsinprint.org

(A review of articles in the Jan.Feb. issue)

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Graduate of The Institute of Children's Literature

Currently obtaining her BFA at The Academy of Art University

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While standing on the harbor by the shore the other day,

whistling pleasant tunes,  watching sand castles melt away.

A satisfied caterpillar making it’s journey past my feet,

only to reach it’s destiny from the envious chameleon across the street.

This tiresome colorful creature moving ever so careful below,

would circle around in pursuit of his prey, making no mistake to let him go.

The chameleon standing balanced like the calm of a storm,

watched the caterpillar change direction, as if by miracle he had been warned.

Suddenly this extraordinary creature took action in his hands,

looking as if he were climbing a ladder, he made his way through the sands.

The nervous caterpillar in response, suddenly looked up to me.

I’ll never forget the humor in our eyes, as I saved and set him free.






The rustling of wind talking to me.

Blowing my hair, unbalancing my feet.

What does it say? You wonder, I know.

Is it telling the truth? Is it friend or foe?

It’s friend when its simple, sweetly blowing my ear.

Kissing me lightly with drawing of near.

Calling my name with the gentleness of love.

Walking with me from below and above.

It’s foe when it wanders at a high rate of speed,

like searching for the lost as it’s bending the trees.

How angry it seems as if screaming at me.

Then friend once more the wind seems to be.


                                              M.M. Williams~




Always waiting

Always wondering

Always wishing

Always wanting

Always hoping

Always coping

Always dealing

Always dealt

Always crying

Always sighing

Always dreaming

Always believing

Always praying

Always saying

Always something

Always said





Next time you complain about the hardness of your bed; be thankful that you have a place to lay, and pillow to rest your head.

Next time you complain about eating leftovers, or dont finish all thats on your plate; think about the poor soul that has counted two days since he/she last ate.

Next time you order or brag about that big fancy meal; think about the rumble in a hungry persons stomach, and how empty it must feel.

Next time you complain about your house being too small; think about the people in New Orleans, Haiti, the homeless all over the world, and how they have none at all.

Next time you go to lock that huge front door on your two or three story home; wonder if that space is really needed, or if you could fill the empty corners with a four legged furry friend who lay in a shelter all alone.

Next time you waste your money on something that has a brand name for you to rant and rave; think about that person lying in a hospital bed dying cause they cant afford the insurance, and wont that life you help save?

Next time you make that electronic purchase, wonder if it's something you really need? Couldnt you use one of the ten cell phones you have collecting in a box, and instead plant a seed?

Next time you go to the grocery don't just rush through without a thought. Think about the farmer who has spent countless hours working for those items that you've bought.

Next time you lend a friendly word, make it real and sincere, and if you are the recipient, don't let it fall upon deaf ear.

Next time you are outside, no matter what you are doing there, think about all the  nature that abounds, and take a deep breath of fresh air.....don't just not care!

                                          M. M. Williams~